A roguelike originally created (and developed until version 0.6.4c) by Andrew Doull.

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Regarding Planned Releases

Since my recent release, I have received requests to publish a release schedule. Originally, I planned for my next release to be the long-awaited 0.7.0, which, by Andrew Doull’s old project timeline (I will attempt to keep up to date with the features specified therein) should include new features, such as quests. However, given the numerous bug reports submitted by aeoo, I have decided that I must first release a version fixing many of the said bugs. I expect this next planned release, 0.6.6, to be published this coming June or July.

A big thanks to all who have downloaded the recent release! According to GitHub’s statistics, in the fortnight prior to this writing, 116 people have viewed this project, four of whom have actually cloned the repository (fingers crossed that some pull requests will show up soon). The fact that there are still people interested in this variant inspires me to work even harder on maintaining this game.