A roguelike originally created (and developed until version 0.6.4c) by Andrew Doull.

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Version 0.6.5a

Unangband 0.6.5a is out! Download the source or binary of the new release here.

Among several bugfixes to improve the experience, I have also created a native Mac OS X (Cocoa) port of the game (mostly by ripping code for the port from Vanilla ). The Cocoa GUI has not been extensively tested with Unangband, and therefore there may be bugs. The linux (curses/x11) version is to be considered more stable, and can still be run on OS X. In addition, graphics tiles and sounds are non-functional (and therefore not included) in the OS X version.

Please report any bugs with the game at the issue tracker. A shout-out to @aeoo for finding many of the bugs that this release fixed, and others who posted issues as well.

I will likely do one or two more bugfix releases before the quest update (0.7.0).