A roguelike originally created (and developed until version 0.6.4c) by Andrew Doull.

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The Arduous Road to 0.7.0

DISCLAIMER – Most of this post is highly technical. If your just want to know what the next release will be, stop at this: 0.7.0 will be a major update, focusing on the addition of quests to the game.

I believe I have stated before that I will endeavour to implement many of the features which Andrew left in his TODO file. Accordingly, the main focus for Release 0.7.0 will be quests. This is a complex issue. Little bits of code related to quests are scattered throughout the source, from calls to the check_quest() function in xtra2.c, which in all current releases simply returns, to checks in the dungeon generation and monster placement to determine effects. After significant puzzling, I have figured out the way in which the quests were being implemented. In order to make things clearer, I have refactored some of this code into a new file: quests.txt . While this makes things clearer, however, the code so far remains a collection of hacks layered on top of each other, many of which are not practical to refactor at the moment.

I am making slow but steady progress. Due to other commitments, I do not have as much time to work on this project as I would like, but I retain my estimate of releasing 0.7.0 in spring or summer of 2018. In order to show you all that I have not forgotten about this, I have pushed my WIP to a new branch: expdev .

I notice I say “you all” but I don’t actually know if anyone is out there reading this blog. This fact is honestly my only regret about using Github Pages to host it.