A roguelike originally created (and developed until version 0.6.4c) by Andrew Doull.

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Delays on the Upcoming Release 0.7.0

My estimated timeline was too optimistic. Because it was my senior year, I spent this spring concerned almost solely about making sure everything was in order so that I could graduate. Thus, I was unable to spend significant time on development of Unangband; it is unlikely that I will be able to release 0.7.0 this summer.

All is not forgotten however, and since my graduation in June I have made significant progress on quests, to the point that at least one added quest (“Destruction of the One Ring”) functions properly (in terms of advancement and effects) in debug mode tests. The next step is to fix the quest description code, which currently is just broken.

All in all, I hope to release 0.7.0 by the end of this year. As always pull requests are welcome (even though I have two in limbo - I don’t have a system without xfonts, and hence cannot test those properly).